Home Sweet Home

Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012 Christmas tour at our home

Here is our tree in the great-room for 2012.........

There is not much change from last year. It is nature inspired, and consist mostly of birds, berries, feathers,  and lots of grape vine.

Oh yes, and burlap! I just had to have burlap.

The mantle has already been shown, but you can go HERE if you missed it.

The outside wreath's have also been posted, but you can see more of them HERE if you would like.

And last but not least..........

Sophie says Merry Christmas! And yes, if your wondering, this is the REAL Santa! He is at the Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge every year. This is not her first pic with him.  Last time, she gave him the biggest, sloppiest doggy sugar right in the mouth, and he just took it with a smile. He is the best! Do you see how big his chair is?? And doesn't he have the most beautiful decorations?? I think Mrs. Claus sent them from the North Pole especially for all of the pictures. .

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our 2012 Christmas Mantle

This won't be a very detailed post, but here are a few quick shots of the great room mantle this year.

Just fresh greenery, feathers, berries, snow covered pine cones, a few magnolia leaves, and a pheasant.

I promise I had not been drinking when I snapped these pics, but it sure looks like it, doesn't it? They are all so crooked.

I will do my very best to do a more detailed, close up of everything next week.

Linking up to FMFPTY 2nd Annual Holiday Mantel Party with Pamela.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our 2012 outside wreath's

This is one of my favorite parts of our Christmas decorations each year. I will let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy.....

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Crock pot candy

Is there anything that you can't cook in the crock pot? Who ever thought of making "Christmas" candy in the crock pot?

Okay, so it wasn't "Christmas" candy. I have been seeing this all over pinterest, and I wanted to try it.
"Testing" the recipe for a get together we will be having was my excuse :)

You can go HERE for a recipe. This is where I started out, but ended up adding half a dozen other things to mine. There was nothing at all wrong with this recipe, this is just the way I am when it comes to cooking. I never follow directions : (
I poured a can of sweetened condensed milk in with all of the chocolate and threw some caramels in there too. Oh YUM! Along with some almond bark, white chocolate chips, and pure milk chocolate chips. I never use semi-sweet anything, it is just not good for you, lol.

I used peanuts because I didn't have any pecans at the time, but it still needed a little something else.

When all else fails, add caramel!! Oh how scrumptious....If you don't believe me, look who is at my feet begging...

She LOVES caramel as much as I do. How can I say no to that precious face?

Look who is helping daddy eat his candy. She went to him and begged and acted as if she hadn't had a bite!

If your looking for an easy recipe, try this. There are different crock pot candy recipes floating all around pinterest, and of coarse you can add what ever else you want like I did. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Every girl needs one.....

A battery operated hedge trimmer, that is. Just look how handy this one came in....
This is the next best thing to a chain saw, for those of us that don't own one. Just for the record, I have asked for my very own chain saw several times, and I am still waiting........

No, no.......... I didn't go to the garden and cut the cabbage with the hedge trimmer, only the greenery. Hubby will see this post and come home and take my hedge trimmer from me if he thinks I have been in his garden with it!

I headed over to Tonia's house and trimmed up her magnolia tree for her. Her hubby came out the door asking why I was in his yard cutting things up.  It is just something about a woman with an object that looks like a chain saw that intimidates men!

Am I the only one who makes messes like this?

I am making some progress.....and it smells soooo good in here with all of the fresh cut greenery.

I decided I wasn't ready to put the pheasant up with the fall decor, so he is going to be with us through Christmas also.

Our tree didn't change that much this year, and I didn't buy any new decorations. I would love to have a "real" Christmas tree one of these days. Do you have a real one or artificial?? We have always had an artificial one because I put mine up so early, I guess.

Well, look who is in here needing my attention. She is taking her paw and slapping the bottom of the island where the dishes are. You see the blurry tail?? That is because it is always wagging. It never stops wagging.

We hope to be back in a few days with an oh so scrumptious pinterest recipe. Well, it is actually a few recipes mixed together. Ya'll know a good cook never goes strictly by a recipe, don't ya?? 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I am an addict....and I knew better!

A pinterest addict, that is. After starting a blog, and seeing how time consuming and addicting blogland could be, I knew better than to start something else. I gave in, even tho I knew better, and started pinning. Now.....I want to try some of everything that I see.

You can find this Georgia praline recipe HERE. Yes, I just made two batches! They are so simple to make, and soooo delish!

You can find this turtle cheesecake ball recipe HERE, and I really want to try this!

Then there is this, it is a turtle cheese cake ball, and you can find the recipe HERE. Can you tell that I am also a caramel lover?

Oh, and if this is not enough, there is my Christmas board......

And of coarse I want to try everything I see!! You can find my Christmas boards HERE and HERE

Then of coarse, you have the plain recipe board....
You can find this recipe HERE and you can find more of the recipes that I want to try HERE

Well, you get my point don't ya??? The sky is the limit on pinterest, and you can have any kind of board you choose, you can dream for hours, and you can pin all of your dreams in this one place. Anyhoo, I am addicted, and I don't need to be. Are you???

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It is happening again....

Yes, my mama has been too busy for me, and ya'll know what happens when I don't get all of the attention that I need. Remember the last time that my face looked like this? You can see it HERE

She has been cooking lots of really yummy things because she loves to cook......and eat. I had much rather she just play with me 24/7.  Oh, this is buttermilk fudge, by the way, and it is just scrumptious, she says.

And then there is my Daddy's office. She said it was awful in there, so...she cleaned it out, and hung a new mirror, and added a few new pics.

Ya'll know my mama is a dog lover, right?

My daddy likes the new look in his office, and he really likes it being all cleaned up. Well, he didn't act like he was that crazy about those two girly looking lamps, but my mama put them in here so they will stay until she decides other wise.

Oh, and then there is this Christmas decorating stuff. She is up on the ladder, then down digging in boxes, up in the attic, then back down and running upstairs into the junk room, digging, digging, digging. If I had to guess, my mama is just not that organized.

I mean really, it is no wonder that I am so exhausted. Can you tell that I am having a bad hair day here? Are there any other little doggies in blogland that are as neglected and attention deprived as me?

And if all of this is not enough, all of this furniture has to be moved out of the sunroom tonight (my daddy doesn't know this yet) so that my mama can put a new coat of sealer on these floors.  Mama says all of this needs to be done before the holidays.

Is my mama the only one that is too busy for her little pampered pooch right now?